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Everyone together towards the smart city

Digital schooling: what are your priorities?


Open data for the smart city

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What projects for the smart city?


The smart city: achievements and projects


Brussels Smart City for Culture

Brussels Smart City for Culture will be held on 13 June at Flagey. The event will focus on the way in which digital technology is in the process of radically changing the methods of production and dissemination of arts and culture. On this occasion the winning projects will be revealed as part of a call for projects on digital art and culture under way until 10 April 2017.

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Brussels Smart City for Education

Learning and sharing knowledge in the digital age. Are you passionate about new forms of education and knowledge sharing? Brussels Smart City for Education offers you the opportunity to meet leading education experts of the digital age over the course of an afternoon. Inspiring talks, participatory workshops and an immersion in the most innovative solutions await you. Come and find out how digital technology can be used, interactively, in applications which will change the education and training of citizens of the smart city, at all ages.

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Brussels Smart City Event

Well-known speakers, active in Smart City projects every day, shared their vision of intelligent cities at the Brussels Smart City Event with the event’s guests of honour: the citizens of Brussels. The event closed with a presentation by the first Brussels Smart City Ambassador, Professor Pieter Ballon.

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Brussels Smart City Summit

The Brussels Smart City Summit brought together Brussels decision-makers and smart city experts, including Boyd Cohen, Michael J. Dixon and Cheryl D. Miller. Their challenge: to imagine Brussels as a smart city.

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Smart cities around the world

The 21st century is the age of the city: most people already live in cities and the number is growing all the time. To rise to this challenge, cities and metropolises around the world, like the Brussels-Capital Region, are transforming themselves into smart cities or setting out a smart city strategy in a White Paper.

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