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Too many people are still "afraid" of IT or think that they are unable to cope with the digitisation of services. The objective of this axis is to raise public awareness of the services available to support them (e.g. DPSs) and to destigmatise the digital environment in order to encourage the public to get to grips with IT tools.

Raising public awareness

A communication plan has been created and comprises several components in order to raise public awareness of the digital divide and to inform the target public about the actions being carried out in the Brussels Region.

This includes, among other things, the development of personalised brochures for each municipality detailing the services available to the population to help them in their daily digital lives, a poster campaign and participation in events to directly reach the citizens concerned.

Awareness of the administration, the agency for administrative simplification, in collaboration with the Digital Inclusion Coordination, will carry out several actions for the benefit of municipal and regional civil servants in order to train and raise awareness of the digital divide among the staff of public bodies. will, among other things, offer training courses to raise awareness of the digital divide in order to help municipal staff detect and provide adequate assistance to citizens at "risk".


A "DPS certification label recognised by the Brussels Capital Region" has been developed by the Digital Inclusion Working Group.

The certification label provides benefits to DPSs, including:
  • improved visibility;
  • mutualisation activities and partnerships between spaces;
  • support of the Region in the framework of future actions.

In return, DPSs with the certification label commit to provide all useful information to the Region concerning their operation, page visits and service offer. The certification label also involves disseminating the notions of digital usage and culture, promoting membership in its communication and signage, and communicating its annual activity report and statistics.

To find the list of DPSs certified by the Brussels-Capital Region, visit the Region's website.

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