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Many actions are undertaken by different actors at the regional level but also at other levels. The objective of this axis is to unite these actions and to pool efforts in order to meet a common objective: the appropriation of digital technology by all citizens. It is also essential to objectify the data in order to be able to quantify the progress made.


The objective of this pillar is to ensure that users that have low digital literacy are taken into account in the development of digital public services. Establishing a regulatory framework, making recommendations and developing a package for the Region's IT developers containing technical advice are among the actions to be taken.


Ensuring coordination at a regional level makes it possible to have an overall view of the actions being carried out and to ensure synchronicity with actions undertaken at other levels (other regions, federal, European, local). The Digital Inclusion Coordination mobilises the stakeholders of digital appropriation, be they public, private or associative, to include them in the actions and in the Working Group, with the aim of increasing collaboration.

Studies and barometers

A survey was conducted during the months of October and November 2019 in the DPS certified sites with the purpose of "profiling DPS visitors".

The study identified the target audience of DPSs and their needs. On this basis, the Digital Inclusion Working Group was able to make recommendations to the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region on the actions to be taken in the future.

Further studies of this type will be carried out during the legislature to assess the digital skills of people who have low digital literacy.

A Digital Inclusion Barometer was published by the King Baudouin Foundation in September 2020, demonstrating that digital exclusion affects more people with low levels of education and modest incomes.

Finally, the BISA regularly publishes statistics on "the inhabitants of Brussels and their use of ICT."

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