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Equipping DPSs goes through different phases: the materialisation of DPSs (adapted equipment), the sharing of didactic tools and the provision of online training platforms, the continuous training of multimedia facilitators, the mobilisation of the necessary funding for the proper development of activities and the supervision of the profession.

More information in the 2021 Annual Report (FR/NL)


DPSs that have been certified as DPSs recognised by the Region enjoy certain benefits, including the provision of equipment by the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC):
  • small equipment depending on available stock: about ten e-ID card readers, communication material with the logo of the certified DPSs: pens, notepads, headphones, multicables, etc.; 
  • sanitary equipment depending on available stock: masks and hand gels to comply with the sanitary measures;
  • IT equipment: any certified DPS also receives €10,000 worth of IT equipment. A list of the equipment that can be ordered is provided to the DPS after its certification. This is mainly mobile computer equipment (laptops, Chromebooks, tablets), educational equipment (touch screens, projectors), office equipment (printers, scanners) and equipment for increasing accessibility for certain audiences (ergonomic mouse, Braille keyboard, etc.).
For more information on the materialisation of DPSs, funding and supervision, please consult the Roadmap for the Creation of a DPS. The Digital Inclusion Coordination is at your disposal to answer your questions. 

Training and tool sharing

In 2021, the DIC, CABAN and collaborated with WeTechCare to offer a series of training sessions on the 123 digit platform to multimedia leaders and municipal agents. In addition, the DIC and organise annual training sessions on digital public services. Manuals have been produced in this respect.

The aim of these training sessions is to give multimedia leaders and social stakeholders the tools to allow them to train, inform and support their public in the use of these digital tools.


The DIC is constantly looking for funding that can benefit the field stakeholders and sustain their projects. A funding register, submitted in March 2021, gave the DIC a clear view of the sources of funding for both independent and municipal DPSs and their needs.

Supervision of the profession of mediator

The DIC collaborates on several projects to professionalise the jobs related to digital inclusion. 
  • At the federal level, the BOSA has embarked on the development of a digital public writer certification training pathway. 
  • The DIC is also involved in the consortium for the validation of digital helper skills.
In parallel, the DIC launched a study on the status of multimedia leaders, the definition of their tasks and the development of a code of ethics. 

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