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Plan and Reports

  • The 2021-2024 Digital Appropriation Plan (FR/NL)
  • 2021 Annual Report (FR/NL)
  • 2022 Annual Report (FR/NL)

Agendas & Minutes

Analyses and studies

  • The people of Brussels and digital technology - 2022 (FR/NL)
  • The people of Brussels and digital technology - 2023 (FR/NL)
  • Report on the 2021 Visitor Profile Study (FR/NL)
  • Study on the attractiveness of Digital Public Spaces - 2021 (FR/NL)
  • Study on essential services (King Baudouin Foundation) - 2021: zoom (FR/NL) - full study (FR/NL)
  • Digital Inclusion Barometer (King Baudouin Foundation) - 2020: summary (FR/NL) - full study (FR/NL)
  • Focus N°30 Les Bruxellois et les Bruxelloises à l’heure du numérique : accès aux TIC et leur  utilisation.(FR/NL)
  • Analysis of the digital divide in the Brussels-Capital Region - 2018 (FR/NL)

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