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Digital Brussels - Finished

At the request of the Brussels-Capital Region, the King Baudouin Foundation organised a call for projects on the theme of digital inclusion: Digital Brussels. For this, the Region has granted a subsidy of €400,000 to the King Baudouin Foundation. 

The call for projects focused on raising awareness of the digital appropriation of people removed from the digital world. 

An independent jury selected 30 projects that received grants of between €5,000 and €15,000, for a total amount of €390,000:

Chass'Info - Etterbeerk - Chass'Info Digital Public Space

A well-equipped public digital space welcomes teenagers; support is also offered (CV, school work, administrative procedures).

Take Off asbl (communication name: ClassContact) - Brussels-Haren - Connecting sick and injured youngsters from disadvantaged schools in Brussels to their classrooms

Promoting the free ClassContact system (PC, webcam) to vulnerable families, to connect sick children in hospital or at home with their class and friends.

Samen Toujours- Brussels - Digiseniors - A network for and by senior citizens

Improving the self-confidence and digital skills of senior citizens through digital workshops and a support network of buddies and peer helpers.

Les Ateliers de ma Ville - Uccle - Digital for all!

During interactive training sessions, vulnerable women learn to use digital tools independently (e-banking, e-mutual, mobile apps, etc.).

El Hikma - Forest - CONNECT FOREST multimedia room project, in the Saint Antoine district of Forest, for the most vulnerable people in Forest and the Brussels region.

In a multimedia room, introducing the most vulnerable people to the use of digital tools for job seeking, training, studies, administrative procedures, etc.

Atelier du Web - St-Gilles municipal administration DPS - Saint-Gilles - Yes we Connect Too!

Organising mobile digital help points in trusted social partner organisations to meet the high demand of their vulnerable clients and employees.

Le Foyer des Jeunes des Marolles - Brussels - The digital awareness workshops of Les Marolles.

Digital awareness workshops for two vulnerable groups in the Marolles: NEET youth and mums who parent at home.

Banlieues (Suburbs) - Ixelles - Digital inclusion for people with mental disabilities

Teaching people with disabilities to use laptops and digital tools (social media, cultural and sports activities, etc.).

L'Entrela' Evere Cultural Centre - Evere - Home-based computer specialist

A public computer specialist goes to the homes of people experiencing the digital divide to train them, help them with online procedures and make them more independent.

LEAD Belgium - Etterbeek - Borne2Connect

Installing touch-screen terminals for homeless and disadvantaged youth so they can easily access help and information sites.

Eqla ASBL - Woluwe Saint-Lambert - #connectingtheworld

Advising and training visually impaired people in the purchase and use of technologies that meet their specific needs and enhance their autonomy.

Centre Féminin d'Education Permanente - Saint-Josse-ten-Noode - Bibliotech'EPN-Josse: from social integration to individual and collective digital inclusion.

In a digital café, offering customised training to migrant women (CFEP) and opening it up to local residents to make them aware of digital tools.

Jette PCSW - Jette - Viva Jette Smart workshop

The 'smart and tablet' workshop allows senior citizens to become familiar with digital tools; home visits to help them use these tools for various purposes.

Entraide Bruxelles - Brussels-Laeken - Reducing the digital divide: the appropriation of digital tools as a vector of autonomy and emancipation for newcomers and foreigners

Newcomers (who have little or no knowledge of French) learn to use online service sites to improve their skills and social integration.

Habitat et Rénovation - Ixelles - Digit'COOP Marolles: a digital citizen for and by the inhabitants of social housing and the district

A local digital space offers adapted digital support to Marolles social housing residents and promotes social inclusion in the district.

La Scientothèque ASBL - Watermael-Boitsfort - Digit'community

Conducting a collaborative digital pilot project for the vulnerable homework school audience and using the expertise gained to network community stakeholders.

Wolu services - Woluwe-Saint-Lambert - Laptop libraries and Digital Public Spaces in social housing: for inhabitants, by inhabitants, or how to give a voice to those who are building the territory of tomorrow and place social housing residents in digital inclusion.

Social housing residents have access to laptop libraries, digital public spaces, workshops and training that contribute to their digital inclusion.

Mission Locale d'Anderlecht - Anderlecht - Smart solutions for the digital divide for our job seekers

During workshops, vulnerable job seekers learn to use their smartphone/PC according to their needs and can also learn the basics of computing.

Gaffi asbl - Schaerbeek - Newspaper for digital parents

Aiming to create digital autonomy in parents for monitoring their children's schooling (contacts with the school, registration, scholarships, keeping a digital diary, etc.).

OIRD asbl - (Organization for Success and Development) - Molenbeek-Saint-Jean - Université des Familles - Sas Digital Learning - Molenbeek

Training in digital tools is offered to disadvantaged families and children in Molenbeek (Canal zone), in combination with educational and parental support.

Interface3 ASBL - Schaerbeek - Inclusion Nord 2.0

The trainers and women in retraining at Interface3 run tailor-made digital workshops for the inhabitants of the Gare du Nord area in Schaerbeek.

Solidarité savoir asbl - Molenbeek-Saint-Jean - Mobile digital offer for beneficiaries - collective training and mobile individual support

In partnership with associations, offering collective training and mobile individual support, adapted to vulnerable people and those removed from the digital world.

ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir - Brussels - ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir (TADA) coaches around 1,500 vulnerable young people (10 to +18 years of age) so they can discover the professional world and learn digital skills in order to build a more inclusive society.

Every Saturday, vulnerable young people (10 to +18 years of age) discover the professional world with volunteers and learn about digital technology to strengthen their skills.

Centre Public d’Action Sociale d’Etterbeek – Etterbeek - Equipe Mobil'IT

A mobile PCSW social team introduces its vulnerable audience to digital tools, to help fight the digital divide and the non-use of social rights.

De Buurtwinkel - Brussels - DIGITAL ANNEESSENS 

Developing and perpetuating digital workshops (assistance and training) for disadvantaged residents of the Anneessens district.

Wijkpartenariaat-De Schakel - Schaerbeek - Duurzaam Digitaal Weerbaar

Doing everything possible (training, cybercafés, PC repair services, networking) to ensure the optimal and sustainable participation of everyone in the digital society.

Dar al Amal vzw - Molenbeek-Saint-Jean - Digitaal Dar Al Amal

Women develop their digital skills and participate in social activities in a participatory programme.

Hobo vzw - Brussels - MOBIDIG - Digital literacy in a BOX

In homeless shelters, providing mobile digital training to enable the most vulnerable to access the digital society.

vzw Buurthuis Bonnevie - Maison de Quartier Bonnevie vzw - Molenbeek-Saint-Jean - Cyber-Park Bonnevie

Offering people living in poverty free access to PCs and helping them use useful applications in their daily lives (internet, email, Facebook, etc.).

Cultureghem vzw - Anderlecht - DREAMTEAM DIGITAL

The inhabitants of the Cureghem district develop their digital skills thanks to training and support provided by volunteers.

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