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Monitoring des Quartiers of the Brussels-Capital Region

Area Monitoring (Monitoring des quartiers/Wijkmonitoring): all statistics concerning the areas of Brussels in a few clicks

22 September 2016

Did you know the Area Monitoring service, an interactive tool which enables the 145 areas of Brussels to be monitored? Each visitor to the website has access to a large quantity of statistical information concerning the various areas and can draw comparisons between them.

Over 250 indicators available

The Area Monitoring service supplies over 250 indicators concerning territorial dynamics and disparities within the Brussels-Capital Region. The status of the various areas is illustrated in relation to various themes:
  • Population
  • Job market
  • Income
  • Housing
  • Buildings and facilities
  • Mobility
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Education / Children’s services
  • Participation.
This service also enables users to trace the development of the Region and its various areas over several decades, as some indicators are available from 1981.

A user-friendly and fluid interface

Besides the wealth of data available, the Area Monitoring service offers a variety of functions:
  • a location tool with an easy address-search function
  • the creation and exportation of customised tables according to the individual needs of the user
  • easy downloading of all indicators concerning an area for all available years
  • automatic calculation of indicators for the area of your choice
  • the creation and exportation of customised data maps
  • interconnection between maps, graphs and tables to facilitate comprehension and comparison of data
  • various analysis tools: an explanation of the indicator calculation method, descriptive analysis of maps, comparisons with the regional average, glossary.
The Area Monitoring indicators are continuously updated with the most recent information, and are therefore improved as new data become available. Remember to consult the website regularly to keep up with the various developments in your area!
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