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You can now use the WebNoise application for measuring ambient noise!

25 October 2016

The Brussels Environment Agency manages a network of sound level meters which constantly monitor the Region's sound environment. Comprised of 17 fixed stations, this network is used to monitor continuous trends in the levels of ambient noise.

The results can be calculated for different periods (daily, weekly, monthly or annually) and different time brackets. They can be viewed on a map (for the entire measuring network) or a graph (by station and by period).

Noise from trains and planes

Across the network of 17 stations, 9 are designed specifically to handle noise from air traffic and 3 others from rail traffic. These stations are affected by a dominant source such as passing trains or airplanes.

These noise events can be identified, checked and characterised using acoustic indicators such as the maximum level produced every time a train or airplane passes.

A map can be used to view the maximum noise levels generated by passing trains or airplanes at the main measuring stations affected by these noise sources.

All the measurements can be viewed using the WebNoise application
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