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Fewer vehicles towed

28 November 2016

This app notifies citizens whose vehicles are in a temporary no-parking area further to roadworks, a secondhand market, a move, etc., an idea suggested by François (Ixelles)

I often find myself parking my car quite far from my home due to a lack of parking spaces, and it may often remain there for several days, typically from Sunday evening to Friday evening.

Often, someone moves house or roadworks are undertaken, so that no-parking signs are set up without my being aware of the fact. As a result, when I go for my car on Friday evening, it has been towed.

Hence this idea: when I park my car, I record its position in a smartphone app (or even better: its position is recorded automatically by the GPS embedded in the car or smartphone). When the no-parking signs are set up, the police record the corresponding times and location. If my car is in the area during that time, I receive a warning via this app.
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