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“The Brussels Digital Citizen” symposium

01 December 2016

A day of talks and interactive workshops on the theme of digital inclusion

The development and use of applications, smartphones, tablets, and social networks has gradually changed the city into a smart and hyper-connected place: the birth of the Smart City. Day after day it offers its citizens more solutions.
But what about those groups of people who do not have access to these technologies? How can they be supported? What challenges must the Brussels-Capital Region meet?
To try to answer these questions, the agency for administrative simplification, Easybrussels, on 30 November organised a day of talks and interactive workshops on the theme of digital inclusion.

Citizen inclusion and participation: the portal

At this symposium, the Smart City manager of the Brussels-Capital Region, Céline Vanderborght, presented the portal as a successful example of citizen inclusion and participation.
Indeed, the objective of the portal is to gather a maximum amount of information around this theme, to create a network of smart city contributors in all regional bodies, and to offer citizens and businesses a high level of interactivity. This interactivity is organised into 3 channels: citizens and businesses can make suggestions about smart projects, vote on these suggestions and take part in a survey. A page lists all the suggestions made by citizens. Easybrussels - “The Brussels Digital Citizen” symposium
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