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Smart Brussels tunnels and exit roads

09 January 2017

Automated traffic management for leaving Brussels, an idea suggested by Frédéric (Woluwe-Saint-Lambert)

Often, when leaving Brussels, the speed limit in tunnels is 50 km/h, although the traffic is free-flowing and there are few cars. I suggest smart speed limits should be established in tunnels ranging from 30 km/h for heavy traffic to 80 km/h for very light, free-flowing traffic. But also coordinating the rapid outflow of cars towards the ring thanks to a liaison of the traffic flows in the Brussels Capital Region.
As well as collaborating with the Flemish community to create a smart tunnel to avoid lane changes and avoid congestion (But smart leading to 3 destinations, namely Namur, Brussels, and Waterloo) especially between the Tervuren/Brussels junction towards the ring to go to Namur, because sometimes when I leave this part of Brussels it takes 45 minutes and 4-5 km of congestion. 
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