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Kitchen Airbnb

09 January 2017

A participatory soup or coffee, an idea suggested by Muhammed Ahmet (Schaerbeek)

Offer a drink of soup, coffee or tea infinitely, according to personal taste where everyone brings their own ingredients or buys them for a more expensive price on the spot, but for example I want to make my coffee with water that I bring and not the lime-rich tap water of Brussels, or another person want to eat kosher or another veggie or hallal...  You just need a power socket, a food mixer and a coffee machine and few small ingredients, salt, sugar, etc. with the app, you will find where they are and even private individuals can invite people in the street or passing through Brussels to drink a pumpkin soup for example with their ingredients that they buy according to their means, some organic, others in a hard discount supermarket...
I imagine a mobile device with electricity for a person who wants to work and operate and the application for people who want to monetise and exchange in their kitchen only.
They simply need a clean a food mixer and maybe an electricity meter not to use more than the average amount of electricity to heat up their meal.
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