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Digital.Brussels, a new unified digital strategy for the Brussels Region

31 January 2017

The Brussels Government has decided to head towards the future with one unified digital strategy of ambitious and coordinated design: Digital.Brussels. The aim being that the Brussels digital sector places itself on the map of the world and that Digital.Brussels should be synonymous with quality and innovation.

Such is the end to which the competent members of the government, Bianca Debaets (Digitization), Didier Gosuin (Employment and the Economy) and Fadila Laanan (Scientific Research) have set up a Coordination Committee.

All the members of government have pledged to align their (future) initiatives around digital development on the new label Digital.Brussels. In fact, digitization does not involve only the technological aspect but also has a great influence on almost all areas of society. A broad-fronted promotion campaign will also be organized in Belgium and beyond.

Smart City and Brussels digital strategy

Smart City is the backbone of the new Brussels digital strategy. Secretary of State Bianca Debaets will accord priority to the improvement of crucial factors such as connectivity, investment in human capital, use of the internet and the digitization of public services. In this connection Bianca Debaets will launch a series of 6 Smart City events. The people of Brussels, the civil society and enterprise will be invited to join-in events dedicated to the Smart City. The themes adopted for 2017 are education and culture.

In 2017 Bianca Debaets also started up in various digital experimental gardens. Working alongside an external partner the Brussels Region is also looking for new and innovative solutions for challenges in today's society.
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