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Internet: helping primary schools step up a gear

29 May 2015

Children must be able to enter the digital classroom as early as possible. The Brussels-Capital Region already provides primary schools with equipment and fast internet. Now it’s time to take the step up to high-speed 100 Mbps fibre broadband.

Everyone wants high-speed internet at home. Why would schools be any different? Superfast broadband is even more essential there, because the connection is shared by hundreds of children.

In its Digital Agenda for Europe, the European Commission has set two goals for member states with regard to households: by 2020 all European households must have at least a 30 Mbps connection and half of all households must have a 100 Mbps connection.

100 Mbps Internet access

100 Mbps will be the threshold in schools. The Brussels-Capital Region is already working hard to achieve this goal in the Fiber to the School plan for secondary schools. Under the plan, primary schools will be offered VDSL, guaranteeing a 30 Mbps connection. However, the Brussels-Capital Region can go further by making the use of digital teaching tools as convenient for primary school children as for older students.

With its plan for primary schools, the Brussels-Capital Region leads the way in the European Union with regard to internet in schools across all categories, ahead of such countries as Denmark, Sweden and Finland, which are model countries when it comes to quality and efficiency in education.

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