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Making getting around easier for users: road works

01 March 2017

This involves improving and simplifying the synergies between municipalities when work is carried out for different types of projects, an idea suggested by Stéphane (Etterbeek)

The solution consists of setting up a shared services platform between the different actors responsible for preparing, planning and performing work which affects any part of Brussels infrastructure AND users.
  • The goal is to synchronise the work to reduce the cost and establish synergies. For example a telecom company and a water company have projects where they need to dig up the pavements.
  • Inform users via a mobile app / terrestrial broadcast / other channel about work planned and in progress.
  • Monitor the impacts of work on traffic and users by installing sensors that allow the flows to be adapted dynamically and intelligently by managing traffic light synchronisation, for example. Indicate alternatives. etc.
The gains for the companies: cost reductions
The gains for users: less work, more fluidity
The gains for the city: operational efficiency because fewer projects to validate and fewer staff needed.
The gains for the security agents: they are called on less for low added value tasks
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