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STIB-MIVB Hackathon 'Hack my ride' (28-30 april)

11 April 2017

STIB-MIVB challenges you to create technology on the future of public transport! This Hacakthon is the ideal occasion to meet other geeks, form a team and develop original solutions.

Possible challenges

  1. How will you enrich the transportation experience of the traveler?
  2. Is there a way to link public transport and the Internet of Things to your daily life?
  3. How can chatbots help you get travel information?
  4. Can it be useful to develop an app that analyzes your habits of using public transport, and can encourage you to get more active, and therefore improve your health?
  5. What tools can you develop so the service to people with disabilities becomes more efficient?
Come and surprise us with your ideas! We warmly welcome every idea that aims at improving public transport.
During the weekend you will test your idea with potential customers, receive coaching and win prizes that will help you take your venture to the next level! Check out the schedule for more details!

What’s in it for you?

Except an unforgettable experience, you can also win some exciting prizes!
  • A trip to Montréal to promote your project
  • a Boostcamp by MICB for your team
  • Fitbit Flex and Logitech wireless mouses.
During the event, we have many more surprises and gifts for every participant.
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