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The IRISbox competition at the Iris Festival was a success!

10 May 2017

On Sunday 7 May 2017, the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (CIRB) partnered with the 2017 Iris Festival in the Park of Brussels to promote IRISbox, the online one-stop-shop of the Brussels-Capital Region. At the IRISbox stand, the public was challenged to build the highest house of cards using the eID card, which you need to access IRISbox.

The priority of the IRISbox activities which the CIRB organised for the Iris Festival was to invite the public to discover IRISbox in a fun way. Visitors at the stand, whether young or old, had the opportunity to showcase their dexterity and concentration by building a house of cards using eIDs. The first prize consisted of five tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s upcoming performances in Brussels, to enjoy with family or friends. A big bravo to the winner who managed to build a 26-cm tall structure!

IRISbox makes life easier for Brussels residents

The competition also was a great opportunity to remind the public of the many advantages of IRISbox as a one-stop shop for all administrative procedures and documents issued by the municipalities and the various administrations of the Brussels-Capital Region, which is available 24/7.
IRISbox is one of the mainstays of the regional smart city hub, You can request a copy of your birth certificate, a certificate of household composition or a copy of your criminal record or even apply for or renew a parking permit.
By using the eID for the competition, the organisers highlighted the four options that users of the online counter have to identify themselves: with a card reader that is connected to your PC, with a cordless eID reader for tablets, using a token or with a code that is generated on your smartphone.
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