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A regional portal to facilitate administrative procedures

22 May 2017

Easybrussels, the Brussels agency responsible for administrative simplification, is currently developing a single portal aimed at centralising all administrative procedures within the Brussels-Capital Region. An ambitious project with the prospect of concrete solutions for citizens and businesses alike.

Since its creation in 2015, Easybrussels has established an administrative simplification plan 2015-2020 validated by the Brussels Government. This plan aims to cut the administrative burden and simplify procedures for all users of public services.
For this purpose, Easybrussels has noted the need to simplify access to various administrative data for citizens and businesses in the Brussels region. For this reason, the Minister-President Rudi Vervoort and the Secretary of State Fadila Laanan have entrusted Easybrussels with creating a single one-stop shop for administrative procedures in the Brussels-Capital Region.

A project with a general application

This portal, which, in its development phase has the project name “Procedures’ Catalogue”, aims to provide all the information necessary to citizens and businesses. Redirection of the request to the competent Brussels authorities is performed without the users having to worry about navigating their way through the institutional complexity.
In order to create a comprehensive catalogue, Easybrussels has obtained for this project the collaboration of all the federal administrative authorities and federated entities. Each administrative authority will appoint an officer to coordinate and create a working group within it so that the objectives of the procedures’ catalogue are met in line with the timetable laid down by the Brussels Government.

5 principles

In concrete terms, the procedures’ catalogue includes all sources of information as well as all the available forms, to provide citizens and businesses with simple, clear and fast access to Brussels’ procedures. To do so, it is based on 5 principles:
  • User-friendliness: The administrative procedures are classified on the portal by themes that are understandable and useful for the user. The structure of the procedures’ catalogue focuses on citizens and businesses.
  • General application: By offering information via a single, virtual one-stop-shop connected to the various administrative authorities, the procedures’ catalogue does away with the institutional complexity.
  • Complementarity: The user can easily find the theme they are searching for thanks to the structure and brief descriptions of the administrative procedures. They can get more details by selecting a procedure and will be redirected, where appropriate, to the site of the competent institution. The role of the procedures’ catalogue is thus to be a window to assist citizens and businesses with their administrative procedures in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Collaboration: The catalogue is supplied with information from all the regional institutions and allows for collaboration with other administrative authorities, for example by exchanging content.
  • Flexibility: The portal includes the websites of highly diverse administrative authorities and may moreover be used in different contexts.


The officers and working groups of the administrative authorities will proceed to implement the procedures’ catalogue project in the following stages:
  1. Identify the forms and administrative procedures
  2. Manage this content (create, validate, translate and update it)
  3. Publish it via the general database platform, BAS (Brussels Administration Simplified), which is the server of the compiled data
Both the database platform and catalogue website for users are being developed to ensure that the website will go live in the spring of 2018.
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