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The Evoliris Reference Centre and the importance of e-learning

20 June 2017

A fashionable learning method

E-learning is currently a fashionable learning method and the computer sector is quite well suited to learning methods where students work alone. Indeed, many trainees who follow our training courses state in our discussions with them that they use this type of learning to complement their training and to acquire basic knowledge, … Evoliris has taken a close interest in this learning method.

Following a survey of trainees, Evoliris realised that there was a real demand!! Many trainees favour e-learning in the form of practical complements (exercises) to Evoliris’ training courses (63%). And then 40% use this learning method for theoretical complements. Finally, some of them need introductory courses to the subjects taught at Evoliris (33%).
  • ?To respond to this demand, Evoliris has created a regularly updated web page. A large list identifies free and paying sites enabling students to use the learning method that is suited to them according to the subjects that interest them. 
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