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On your saddles for the 3rd Brussels Cyclehack!

30 August 2017

What practical solutions are there to boost bicycle use in the city? That is the question which the participants of the Cyclehack will answer, an ideas development marathon, from 15 to 17 September.

Ideas to make the city more cycling-friendly

Making cycling more accessible, safer and more enjoyable for everyone does not necessarily require large projects or development plans. Small ideas may contribute just as much, especially when they come from citizens and especially cyclists themselves.
This is the aim of the Cyclehack: getting people together, for the duration of the event, to come up with ideas to encourage people to get (back) into the saddle. Ideas rather than theories: the proposed solutions will be part of an approach which favours practical and effective solutions based on resourcefulness and ingenuity.

The CIRB and partners

Brussels will be hosting its 3rd Edition of the Cyclehack on 15, 16 and 17 September. This year it will be the only Belgian city to participate in this event organised in 30 cities around the world.
The CIRB and, as in 2016, will be present at this innovative event. Last year, a mobile application rewarding bicycle travel won the Best Digital Solution prize, sponsored by the Brussels Secretary of State for the Digital Transition, Bianca Debaets. Who will be the winner this year? Cyclehack Brussels 2017 advertising
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