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The Brussels economy forms part of the smart city

13 November 2017

How can you become a part of the smart city, as an entrepreneur or freelancer? This is the question that the audience of the Brussels Smart City for Economy event will be looking into, this 13 November 2017 starting at 14.30.

Businesses, small, medium and large, must navigate the digital transition without delay alongside artisans and those in the liberal professions. But what are the challenges that these economic players must tackle to reap the benefits of this deep transformation of our society?
The Brussels Smart City for Economy event will provide the answers to this question in the presence of an audience composed of more than 200 people actively involved in the Brussels economy. Five working groups will be the opportunity for them to discuss their experience and tell their stories according to the following themes:
  • liberal professions and services;
  • retail (chains and shops);
  • hospitality (tourism, food service and hotel industry);
  • makers (artisans, manufacturers, etc.);
  • women and digital.

Smart city success stories

The Brussels Smart City for Economy event will also put several success stories of the Brussels-Capital Region under the spotlight:
  • “We invest, the Estate Agent 2.0”, by Gabrielle Amandt (co-founder of We Invest);
  • “Tale Me: online commerce from all angles”, by Anna Balez (CEO of Tale Me) and Emmanuelle Vin (CEO of Amia Systems);
  • “From big data to human management in the audiovisual sphere: the importance of one’s environment!”, by Thomas Dubucq (CEO of NTTRB) and Ingrid Willems (CEO of DataScouts);
  • “DigitYser: a collaborative approach to accelerate your digital transformation”, by Philippe Van Impe (CEO of DigitYser).
The outcome of the workshops will then be presented in a plenary session and two members of the Brussels government will join the meeting:
  • Bianca Debaets, Secretary of State in charge of the Digital Transition;
  • Didier Gosuin, Minister of the Economy and Employment.
Céline Vanderborght, Smart City Manager (CIRB), will present new prospects for businesses created by the digital transformation.
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