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Street lighting faults: tell Sibelga.

Street lighting faults: tell Sibelga in a few clicks!

18 December 2017

In autumn and winter, we are particularly sensitive to street lighting failures. You can report a faulty street lamp and follow its repair step by step on Sibelga’s website or via the Fix My Street app. Practical!

VoHave you noticed a defective street light? Tell Sibelga, which manages the street lighting network on public roads, to help it react quickly and help your neighbourhood.

To do this, log on to, "Éclairage public” (Street lighting) section or open the Fix My Street app – the two tools are connected. You can enter a new fault and subscribe to be kept informed of progress.

On the Sibelga website, a map shows all faults already reported by residents, municipalities, the fire brigade or the police, as well as their status.

4,000 different street lights in Brussels

The next morning, the Sibelga Street Lighting Department will deal with the failure. Having analysed the problem, one or more technicians will be sent to fix the fault. 

Their task: to get the installation working again if possible. Otherwise, they will at least make it safe to allow time to obtain the necessary parts. The problem is that there are no less than 4,000 different types of street light in Brussels! It would be impossible to hold all spare parts in stock, let alone in the call-out van...

Two days later: problem solved!

You will be regularly informed of progress on the fault via e-mail and you will be alerted when it is fixed. In more than 95% of cases, repairs are carried out within the deadlines agreed between Sibelga and municipal authorities, i.e. within five working days for an isolated failure and two working days for a more widespread fault.
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