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Ok, the collaborative portal

02 October 2015

Over half the public interest bodies in the Region (Actiris, Brussels Environment, STIB, VISITBRUSSELS, etc.) as well as the Brussels Regional Public Service are taking part in the process of drafting the portal.

Launched on 3 June 2015, the portal is not confined to gathering information related to the Brussels-Capital Region’s Smart City policy. It is also adding a collaborative dimension by involving the Brussels regional administrations in its development.

An initial portal drafting committee, organised on the initiative of the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre, brought together representatives of 19 public interest bodies and seven administrations from the Brussels Regional Public Service. The first contributions from the members of this drafting committee, who represent the wide range of public services involved in the Smart City process at regional level, will be gradually brought on line.

This means of collaboration is fully in keeping with the Smart City model. ‘Everyone in their own corner’ is not an option in smart cities. Quite the reverse: it is through cross-functional collaboration and the circulation of data and information that the Smart City contributes towards improving the quality of life in the Region. So it is important to overcome the compartmentalisation of administrations. The portal is helping to achieve this goal.
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