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Air quality

New: the ‘Brussels Air’ application to follow air quality on your smartphone

19 March 2018

A smartphone application has been developed to keep you informed of the air quality in Brussels in real time. This new ‘Brussels Air’ application and text alerts supplement the alarm system put in place by the Brussels-Capital Region from 2016 to keep members of the public informed in the event of pollution spikes.

To follow the progress of air quality permanently, the people of Brussels are offered the opportunity to download the ‘Brussels Air’ application. A few months after the launch of the website
, this new app enables everyone to gain a clearer idea of their exposure to pollution in the outside air and to be warned if there is a pollution alert or if the high temperatures and ozone spike plan is activated. The application uses the measurements recorded by the Brussels Region telemetrics network and collected nationwide by the Cellule Interrégionale de l'Environnement (CELINE - the interregional environment unit).

“Some pollutants due mainly to motor traffic have a significant negative impact on our health: increase in respiratory problems and disorders, bronchitis, asthma, etc. Despite a definite improvement in air quality as a whole, more effort needs to be made to reduce the presence of certain pollutants (nitrogen dioxide, black carbon, etc.).  This ‘Brussels Air’ application is an important tool in terms of providing information and increasing awareness among the people of Brussels. In full knowledge of the facts, they will now be able to choose other modes of transport or avoid certain forms of physical exertion if pollution spikes. “

Another way of staying informed of air quality is to receive an alert message free of charge. For this, simply register via, by e-mail or text, by sending PIC to 3004 (€ 0.15/text) using the mobile phone on which you would like to receive the text alerts.

*Sur , le « pollumètre » de Bruxelles Environnement vous permet de suivre en continu l'évolution de la qualité de l'air en Région de Bruxelles-Capitale. Outre des informations globales (via un indice général de la qualité de l'air), il donne aussi des informations locales (concentrations de polluants enregistrées à chaque station de mesure). Bruxelles Environnement dispose d’un réseau de stations de mesures qui enregistrent en permanence la concentration de différents polluants dans l’air. A partir de ces résultats, un indice est calculé pour indiquer en temps réel la qualité de l’air en Région de Bruxelles-Capitale.
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