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25 May 2018

bedigital launches its first call for projects and encourages partnerships between companies, self-employed, non-profit associations, … that contribute to meeting the challenges of the digital transition in the Region of Brussels

As announced in a previous news article, we have set up a new regional portal:

The launch of this new portal coincides with’ call for projects.

For whom?
All businesses (start-ups or established firms, very small enterprises or big companies), self-employed workers, not-for-profit associations, business partnerships, etc. that contribute to the development of digital economy in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Which projects?
All innovative initiatives or projects that help to overcome the challenges linked to digital transformation in the Brussels-Capital Region, in particular by promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and raising awareness regarding the development of digital tools linked to the issues provoked by the digitalisation of cultural and creative industries and demographic ageing, and by promoting the possibilities and perspectives of STEAM amongst young people.

Therefore, an event will take place at COOP ( on 14/06, during which candidates can meet, exchange ideas, obtain more information and start co-creation projects. To inspire the candidates, we have invited professionals to speak about the following topics:
  • Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)
  • Demographic ageing
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