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Brussels Smart City event

“The word is with the mayors” - part I

08 June 2018

Citizens at the heart of smart municipalities

Citizen participation was at the heart of the discussions during the event “Brussels Smart City, municipalities and citizens in the digital age” on 17 May, organised by the BRIC and the Brussels-Capital Region. This event, dedicated to elected officials and municipal agents, as well as police zone officers, focused on the digital tools and means available to municipal administrations to strengthen their links with citizens. Citizens’ access to municipal services and the improvement of the citizen participation process are crucial working areas for municipalities in the digital age.

The municipalities seem to have sized up the digital issues, whether they concern citizen participation platforms such as Citizenlab or Fluicity, the creation of applications providing information on municipalities (services, news, activities, etc.) or digital services (electronic counters, etc.) in general.

The mayors gave some testimonials: check them out by clicking the below link!
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