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Brussels Smart City event

“The word is with the mayors” - part II

08 June 2018

Digital in the most livable municipalities

The Smart City concept is not exclusive to major world cities. Things are also moving in the Brussels Region.

Hervé Feuillien, Director General of the BRIC, believes that we are now witnessing a true “fresh start” for local authorities: “All public players in Brussels have now understood the concept of an intelligent city and support this large-scale project. This is also the case for the Brussels Government, which supports us in this approach. We carry out most of our projects under the umbrella name ‘Brussels Smart City’: the IRISbox electronic counter, the IRISnet telecommunications network and the free regional Wi-Fi, the School Multimedia Equipment Plan and its successor Fiber to the school; the NOVA, BOS, Chancellery, etc. platforms, video protection, Fix My Street and so on. All these tools are at the service of citizens, businesses or tourist as well as civil servants themselves.”

Several services, applications and innovations have been developed to facilitate the work of civil servants and to simplify citizens’ lives.

The mayors provided their testimonials, wherein they present a Smart City action in their municipality that they are truly proud of. You can check out their video message by clicking the link below.
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