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Itsme, the new smart open sesame for IRISbox

20 June 2018

The IRISbox electronic one-stop-shop, that the citizens of Brussels increasingly use for their online administrative procedures, is making the smart city still more concrete thanks to the ease of use of its new identification system using the Itsme application.

The Itsme application is the new extra way added to IRISbox to log in. This alternative to logging in using the electronic identity card (or eID) is very easy to use.
Launched in 2017 at the initiative of banks and mobile operators, Itsme aims to be “the unique digital counterpart to the digital identity card”, using a medium now owned by most Belgians : a smartphone.

An app to identify yourself

Itsme works quite simply. Simply download the application on your mobile phone and identify yourself once using either your eID and its card reader, or your bank card, also with its reader.
Subsequently, you no longer need either of these cards when you use the application. Logging into IRISbox, for example, only requires you opening the Itsme application and confirming your login using a PIN code (5 digits) or your fingerprint.

Goodbye to the card reader!

Itsme facilitates the life of users of online services such as IRISbox. It means you no longer need an eID card reader in particular and can avoid having to update programs related to the eID on your computer. Any compatibility problems between the eID and certain versions of web browsers or operating systems also disappear.
With this identification process, IRISbox will be able to become even more successful. The electronic one-stop-shop of the regional administrative services and Brussels municipalities, in 2017 exceeded 100,000 documents while increasing the number of users by almost a half!
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