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Mobility updated to the 21st century

29 August 2018

Merge the public transport of TEC, Lijn, STIB, SNCB and Villo, an idea suggested by Seijaliisa (Brussels City).

At the moment, in the Brussels Region you have to buy between 2 and 4 different tickets to travel from the outskirts into the city - not surprising that citizens prefer to use their cars!!! Also, modernise the fare system to be able to buy a public transport ticket from your mobile (as in all the real smart cities!). Provide each bus route with its own site. Expand the pedestrian area in the centre combined with modern trams. Increase the frequency of all means of public transport. A real metro runs every 3-4 minutes and a tram every 4-5 minutes! Look more at what is happening in successful smart cities. In Brussels, it’s simply talk.

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