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Modular accommodation for homeless people on BridgeCity

Modular accommodation for homeless people on BridgeCity

03 September 2018

A social integration and urban renovation project

The 400Roofs Campaign is launching a pilot project with the help of The project is intended to quickly create housing solutions for homeless people. is making available to the 400Roofs Campaign a plot on its BridgeCity site located at number 178 rue François-Joseph Navez in 1000 Brussels until its property programme can be built. 

The Wald-Cube TM and the Moving Nest, two movable high-quality studio apartments, are thus the first show modules to be installed.

The modular accommodation of the 400Roofs Campaign is a social integration and urban renovation project. Through assisted rehousing of homeless people, the member associations of 400Roofs want to contribute significantly to ending homelessness in Brussels.

The temporary occupation of buildings and sites of which it is the owner allows to contribute to the creative vitality of cultural, social and economic actors in the city, in particular in neighbourhoods where a revitalisation process is needed.
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