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The 2025 Strategy launches the “Go4Brussels” message

10 October 2018

The 2025 Strategy for Brussels initiated in 2015 is yielding results. To increase the commitment of its inhabitants, it is sending out the message “Go4Brussels”.

The 2025 Strategy comprises no less than 160 areas of activity and 19 targets for economic and employment development in the Brussels Region. Henceforth, these areas of activity are grouped under four major headings: education, innovation, mobility and employment. All hands are on deck to revive the Brussels economy and sustainably limit unemployment among its inhabitants: education, training, economics, employment, research & innovation and mobility.

Shared impetus

To better share its impetus with all the inhabitants of Brussels, Strategy 2025 has developed a new website. Its URL is the same as its predecessor’s – – and the site reprises the Strategy’s new slogan, “Go4Brussels”.
This message was issued to the population of Brussels on the occasion of the 2018 Social Summit of the Brussels-Capital Region. The Social Summit is an initiative that decompartmentalises skills in the Region by organising a genuine dialogue between politicians and social partners concerning the capital’s major issues. Once a year, all partners concerned are able to sum up the achievements of current projects and discuss priorities for the future.
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