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Reacting to an emergency

05 November 2018

Help the emergency services save lives

Participation by citizens, rescue in the event of a disaster and emergency medical aid

A smart city starts with “smart citizens”, particularly in an emergency situation.

However, people can feel helpless: how should they react? How can they protect themselves? How can they help?

Adopting the right attitudes, taking the right actions in the event of an accident or disaster means helping the emergency services save lives. Each citizen is a link in the help chain.

The Fire and Emergency Medical Assistance Service (SIAMU), the Red Cross of Belgium and the Medical Assistance Training Institute (IFAMU) have therefore combined their skills to offer you a new citizens training programme called “Reacting to an Emergency”.

The training tackles emergency situations of all types, taken from real-life experience or stories told by participants and used as the starting point of each meeting. An important place is left to demonstrations and practice. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (or CPR) is the focus of the training sessions this year.

So why not become this link yourself and increase your ability to react appropriately, to protect yourself and to save other people’s lives!
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