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BRIC white paper about public service digitisation published!

07 January 2019

A new beginning for the digitisation of public services: the BRIC’s 38th white paper is here!

“How can we place our citizens at the heart of the local government’s activities?” This question is extensively dealt with in the 38th paper (French - Dutch) of the BRIC!

The goal of this newly published document is to propose feasible solutions supporting local government as it digitises its services while never losing sight of these services’ transparency and quality.

This white paper offers an overview of the citizens’ expectations as government is digitised based on their needs, a state of affairs and a review of the challenges triggered by the digitisation of the Brussels regional government as well as an integrated approach for the permanent pursuit of the local government’s digitisation.

​The BRIC is the preferred partner of Brussels’ local government and, in this capacity, dedicated to the development of high-quality, federative solutions that fulfil its needs and those of Brussels citizens.
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