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​Brussels sun mapped

10 January 2019

We at recently launched a new feature: a dynamic solar map. Boasting a live overview of the solar energy generated and highly accurate data, the map is among the most advanced of its kind.

According to the creators of the European equivalent - SolarPower Europe and 3E - this tool is a milestone in the renewable energy sector that should help the public, businesses and governments understand the great potential of solar energy.

The map not only allows you to closely monitor the production of solar energy (in kWh) in Brussels, but also calculates the energy generated per inhabitant, the number of households supplied by solar energy and CO₂ savings.

If you are interested and are also considering solar panels, you can enter your address at, on which the solar energy potential of your roof, the purchase price of the panels and the CO₂ and electricity savings will be estimated. 

Welcome the sun into your home!
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