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Fruit trees in every street

08 May 2019

Give Brussels back its breath – and also see to it that its inhabitants live in an edible city. It doesn’t take much to regenerate Nature. Only concrete and environmentally unfriendly human activities destroy our planet locally and globally.

Make every street a fruit street, with fig, apple, pear, medlar and other trees, which all thrive in our climate. Choose the variety according to the amount of growth the street can withstand. Let the inhabitants care for the trees. Climbing plants such as grape or kiwi vines could also be trained on our house fronts. Turn large thoroughfares into “planted walks” where bushes, trees and plants of all kinds create common ground between the various municipalities. Let it be plants that connect us, rather than concrete beltways that make us sick. A healthy city is a car-free city, where people travel by bike and public transport and, with every breath we take, our lungs clean away our toxic past.
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