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Menu unique point of entry for data and services in the Brussels-Capital Region

11 July 2019

The BRIC has launched the first development phase of this regional platform aims to centralise information about data and services in the Brussels Region.

The aim of this platform is to simplify access to data in the Brussels Region, thus, sole entry point for consulting, viewing, and downloading sets of data, and using services (web services, API) produced by Brussels public organisations and their partners. presents the most complete catalogue of metadata (data and services) possible via the integration of existing platforms (,,, and also UrbIS®© geographic data from the Brussels-Capital Region) as well as via harvesting from partner platforms. is also the future replacement for OpenDatastore.Brussels.

This platform is freely accessible and is available to data users, data producers that want to present data via open data, and developers that use web services.

With, the Brussels-Capital Region and the BRIC are placing the bar one notch higher in terms of pooling with the sharing of data, platforms & ICT services as well as IT facilities.


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