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Free the footpaths by adding services

12 August 2019

Footpaths have become a temporary spot for rubbish as well as scooter, motor scooter and bike parking places. Why don't we implement zones especially for rubbish and shared vehicle parking spaces so that we can give our footpaths back to pedestrians?

All street segments longer than 100m in the Brussels-Capital Region should include:
  • a parking space converted into a disposal and pickup site for rubbish and
  • a parking space converted into a gathering site for certain means of transportation (shared bikes, scooters, motor scooters...)
Sure, this means that we would lose two sparking spaces, however, we would receive in return: 
  • free footpaths
  • efficient rubbish disposal (honestly, the way Brussels looks on the many rubbish collection days is just ghastly)
  • a structured mobility offer
  • the certainty that each street has a service zone
Plus, by installing rubbish containers for rubbish bags, we can avoid the risks caused by placing our bags in front of our doors (tearing, predation...). The street is not a rubbish bin. We have to make an effort. By having people carry their rubbish to a collection point, they are made aware of the issue, but they are also provided with an easy way to get rid of their rubbish so that on an individual level, there's no excess rubbish. 
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