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Two Brussels digital inclusion projects receive the support of the ING Fund

22 August 2019

In order to fully participate in today’s society, one must be able to use digital applications. The ING Fund for a More Digital Society is lending its support to six projects which help vulnerable groups to develop their digital skills, and will be supporting them for two years.

In total, six projects were selected, including two Brussels ones:
  • Hobo, a day centre for homeless people in Brussels. Here, they teach computer workshops tailored to the needs and rhythm of this target group, in order to boost their autonomy and self-sufficiency. Even for those without a roof over their heads, the use of digital tools is often a necessity, for example, to handle their administration or when job or house hunting.
  • Les voyageuses du numérique: the Brussels organisation ‘Bibliothèque Sans Frontières’ offers a gathering point for slightly older women, offering them a breakfast with a special order on the side - an online admin workshop – and the opportunity to ask any questions they may have surrounding this topic.
For more information, please visit this page (FR / NL) on the website of the King Baudouin Foundation.
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