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Smart City Challenge – Take part and win!

07 October 2019

Help us continue to develop Brussels as a Smart City!

On 1 October 2019, we launched the Smart City Challenge, a competition during which we call upon you, the people of Brussels and other visitors to our website, to share your best ideas for Brussels. The Brussels Government is convinced that your feedback can help shape the smart city policy for the region.

What do I do?

On this page, you can share your idea, which will then be assessed by the portal site administrators. If it is thought to be relevant, it will be published.

The three ideas with the highest number of hearts in each Smart City category will be awarded a terrific prize. We add a new category every two weeks, but you can make suggestions in all six categories for the entire duration of the competition.

The competition rules and further information are available here.

Our first challenge: mobility

The first area you are invited to consider is mobility, and the basic idea is to increase the number of cyclists on our streets. It’s a great idea, of course, but... How do you see Brussels’ future in the area of mobility? Share your suggestion and let us know!

We wish you every success.
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