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Annual review of drone flights in the Brussels Region

29 October 2019

After using the drones purchased by the Region for the benefit of the police authorities for one year, Brussels Prevention and Security has produced an initial costed operational record which can be summarised into the following data:
  • 8 drones
  • 6 pilots
  • 187 missions
  • and 240 flight hours.

Real added-value

The drones represent real added-value at recreational and sporting events, amongst other things. However, they are also very helpful for covering demonstrations, fires, searches and speed checks and even when searching for missing persons… There are three main reasons for the success of these devices:

  • live video streaming,
  • speed of deployment and mobility,
  • getting a bigger picture.

A unique experience

The Brussels experience is one of a kind: a specialist federal police unit supports the 6 police zones and other partners in the safety chain (such as Bruxelles Mobilité and SIAMU [Fire Brigade and Emergency Medical Service]). Collaborations are also in place with the management of the federal police air support, the reference unit, as drones are a complementary tool to the helicopter.
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