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Electric cars & passenger autonomy

14 November 2019

For safer, cleaner & smarter mobility. Electric cars must become a part of the Brussels landscape. And Brussels’ air would be less polluted. And also, free public transport! A lot could be done to make Brussels smart, hi-tech and geared to the future.

I believe that to make Brussels even better it would be worth encouraging the use of electric or clean cars to protect the air. Driverless cars would prevent accidents to both pedestrians and other road users. Brussels could be the capital city where transport generates the least pollution in the world. Public transport could be made free of charge for all people who live in Brussels and its environs or work in Brussels. People who don’t live in Belgium or work in Brussels would pay for their transport while people who live in Brussels and want to use its transport would pay a limited personal monthly or quarterly fee. This works in many cities, so why not in Brussels?
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