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Improve multimodal solutions for parents

15 November 2019

Let people park in the blue zones near their children’s schools

It’s not always easy to drop off your children at school otherwise than by car, especially when they are very young. Taking them to school on public transport can take a great deal of time and is difficult for parents who then have to go to work. Very often, it’s not really possible to use public transport for both school and work, so that parents will drive even if they waste time in traffic jams.

To enable them to travel to their workplaces, which are often located in the most central and congested areas of Brussels, it would be a good idea if they could park in the blue zones reserved for local inhabitants near their children’s school and travel on to work by public transport. The blue zones for locals are mainly used when local inhabitants return home and need to park.

They wouldn’t necessarily be inconvenienced by non-locals parking there from 9 to 5, and it might encourage many parents to leave their cars near their children’s schools and use public transport to finish their journey. Personally, I would support this straightaway!
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