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Build a green neighbourhood on the Josaphat site between Schaerbeek and Evere

18 November 2019

Repurpose the Josaphat site into an innovative and humane green neighbourhood with orchards, an urban farm, areas for physical exercise, biodiversity areas and workshops for artists and artisans. Cars would be banned and within the area people would travel by shared electric shuttle.

It would be a pleasant place to live, with plenty of trees, but also a place for innovative experiments and projects in several cutting-edge areas such as:
  • Food: orchards, urban farm, food-processing workshops, a participatory supermarket run by farmers, urban allotments, a collective henhouse, a participatory hotel and restaurants
  • Health: promotion of health, physical exercise, meditation facility
  • Environment: biodiversity, buildings with controlled energy consumption, zero-waste neighbourhood
  • Social, economic and cultural activities: promotion of art and artisan activities, facilities for social activities, childcare
  • Communication: participatory online platform
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