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Ok 0.3 now available!

06 December 2019 has been revamped! This data platform is a unique access point for consulting, viewing and downloading datasets as well as using services (web services, API) from Brussels’ public institutions and their partners.

What's new?

  • A more homogeneous, clearer look.
  • Fewer tabs (for example, the news is now available via a hyperlink on the homepage instead of via a tab)
  • More links on the platform A wider range of datasets (including those from from the city of Brussels)
  • The option to follow an API, service, dataset or an organisation and receive notifications via e-mail or your user profile as soon as updates are available
  • The option to call up historical data regarding a specific date, the difference between two dates or with adjusted (time) settings in “URBIS DOWNLOAD”.
  • The user conditions and cookie policy have been reviewed and are more visible.
Based on the feedback we received during the workshop of 21/10/2019, we are already working on new improvements regarding:
  • The graphic design and ergonomics for an even finer user experience
  • The data overviews (tables and maps)
  • The filters and search options, the contact form and the metadata integration form
  • Tool tips and a wiki were also added.

Do you also have an idea to improve our data store? Send it to us via "Suggestions" or the contact form.

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