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Change at STIB: contactless payment arrives

15 January 2020

The Brussels Public Transport Company (STIB) will introduce contactless payment in April or May and at the same time increase the price of the paper ticket. The information given by Bx1 is confirmed by STIB and the Brussels Minister for Mobility Elke Van den Brandt (Groen). The other rates will not be modified.

Next spring, the traveler will therefore be able to get on a bus or tram without a ticket and buy a ticket via contactless payment or with a credit card or even via a payment application. Metro users will also be able to pay without contact at the entrance to the stations.

At the same time, the price of the paper ticket purchased from the distributor will increase by 50 cents (2.6 euros for a 1-trip ticket and 8 euros for a 24-hour ticket). The commuter who purchases his ticket in cash from the driver will have to pay 3 euros. All other types of tickets are only available via a Mobib card and will not change prices. "The idea is to discourage the use of the paper ticket, expensive to produce and bad for the environment because it contains an electronic chip ", explains An Van hamme, spokesperson for STIB.

And the purchase of paper tickets from the bus or tram driver is a burden for the employee. STIB will test contactless payment via its staff from January 15, said the spokeswoman for Minister Van den Brandt, Marie Thibaut de Maisieres.
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