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Foundation Bikes in Brussels - Call for projects

27 January 2020

Foundation Bikes wants to support efforts to boost the bicyle infrastructure and equipment on roads in and to the Brussels-Capital Region.

What is its purpose? 

As the figures of the Bike Observatory show, the number of cyclists in Brussels has increased since 2010. The Bikes in Brussels Fund wishes to boost this trend and contribute to making bike mobility easier, safer and more efficient in the Brussels-Capital Region for everyone’s benefit.

More bikes in Brussels means improving air quality by reducing motorised transport, but it also means creating a friendlier and more tranquil living space for all of the city’s users: residents, commuters, shopkeepers, workers, students, visitors, tourists, etc.

That’s why the Bikes in Brussels Fund will be lending its support to layout and infrastructure projects undertaken by associations, public authorities or private and public partners aimed at encouraging cycling in an appropriate way and meeting users’ expectations. The call is aimed equally at small and medium scope projects as well as those needing more substantial construction work and investment.

Whether it involves creating dedicated bike lanes on existing roads and bike repair stations, or creating safe cycle routes or creating a bridge. 

For whom?

Non-profit associations, public authorities and private or public partners whose services target everyone. Partnerships are strongly encouraged. Commercial initiatives are not accepted for this call for projects.

You can find more information about the selection criteria and submitting your application file here. 
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