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Anysurfer label renewed for

03 March 2020

A smart city can only really be one if it includes everyone in the positive contributions it makes to our daily lives. This is no different online, including on this website, which has just renewed its AnySurfer certificate accrediting its accessibility to people with disabilities.

The priority given to equal opportunities is a constant in the policies implemented in the Brussels-Capital Region. It is also the case with respect to digital materials, including the information provided online. states in this regard that “Digital accessibility is another aspect of accessibility, which consists of making the Internet and applications accessible to people with disabilities. … An adapted website gives each user equal access to the information”. wants to establish equal opportunities for all the citizens of the Brussels Region (FR/NL), without distinction of gender, ethnic or cultural origin, sexual orientation or disability

A daily effort

The web portal is no exception to this rule. Shortly after its launch, the site was awarded the AnySurfer accreditation label which, in Belgium, certifies that a website is accessible. Several elements are taken into account for this accreditation, including the content, the presentation of this content and the technical architecture of the site. The renewal of the label demonstrates the continuous efforts undertaken by the portal team to offer easy access and navigation to all its visitors.  
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