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Instagram Smart City Brussels, a new medium for discovering and following Smart City Brussels

30 June 2020

From 1 July, anyone with an interest in our capital city's Smart City project will be able to follow this on Instagram too.  Smart City Brussels has launched its own account on this social media platform to allow everyone to follow the implementation and monitoring of the Smart City policy in the Brussels-Capital Region, whenever and wherever they are.

A new medium for discovering and following Smart City Brussels in a fascinating way.

To the Brussels-Capital Region, a Smart City is “a city that makes use of smart solutions, founded upon data and certain technologies, that can improve the quality of life within a region.” In practice, this translates into a great many fascinating campaigns, objectives and ambitions, and with this extra medium on Instagram, Brussels residents – along with anyone else interested – will have an extra tool at their disposal for following all this in a smooth and transparent manner.

Two practical ideas to follow right away

To get this new Instagram off to a flying start right away, #brusselshacksthecrisis will be presenting the development of the 2 most popular ideas for this participation project throughout the month of July. These 2 ideas will be developed into a practical IT solution during the Open Summer of Code. That means everyone can follow the actual development phase, from an idea to the delivery of the practical app prototypes on the Demo Day of 30 July, while leaving their questions and comments, sharing it with their own network, etc. This is how we want to improve our Region after COVID-19 using the latest technologies.

How does it work?

Anyone interested can register at the website, or download the app and go to Smart City Brussels. Nothing more is needed to be able to follow Brussels' Smart City story! So be sure to take a look and follow how an idea blossoms into a workable solution for an even better Brussels.

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