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A high level of satisfaction with the "Connecting Seniors" project

10 September 2020

During lockdown, the Brussels Region distributed 150 tablets to 138 Brussels residential care homes. The objective: to break the isolation of the elderly. More than two months later, the care homes are very satisfied with this action, which has allowed their elderly residents to stay in contact with their families and friends during lockdown. See also:

The lockdown measures imposed on residential care and nursing homes have had adverse effects on the health of residents who, isolated from their families and without direct social ties, could sink into depression.

This is why the Minister in charge of the Digital Transition, Bernard Clerfayt, and the Minister of Health and Social Action, Alain Maron, took the initiative to distribute tablets to Brussels care homes. The Brussels Regional Informatics Centre was responsible for this task and its Logistics department personally delivered the tablets to the various care centres.

This summer, a small survey was carried out in the residential care and nursing homes to evaluate their experience.

They were very satisfied with this action. Of the 42 care homes that responded to the survey, nearly 65% of them reported using the tablet one to several times a day and 27% one to several times a week. All respondents ensured that the starter guide, provided upon delivery, was complete and met their expectations in order to optimise tablet start-up.

Minister Bernard Clerfayt stated that, "Once again, digital technology has been the solution during lockdown. In this case in breaking the isolation of the elderly. New technologies offer many opportunities for improving our daily lives. More than ever, the recovery must fully embrace digital technology to guarantee the development of our Region."

The tablets have been permanently given to the residential care homes, and 4G subscriptions have now been extended until the end of this year, so the care homes will be able to continue using them to maintain regular contact between residents and their relatives.
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