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Will the Brussels-Capital Region support your next project?

14 September 2020

The corona crisis has had - and is still having - a major impact on various sectors in the Brussels-Capital Region: tourism, culture, restaurants and cafes, events, etc. were all hit hard by the Covid 19 virus, and all the consequences.

In order to give a boost to these sectors, which are crucial for Brussels, in their respective restarts, and the Brussels-Capital Region have set up five support funds to financially support client-oriented short-term recovery projects, for a total amount of €5,000,000.

These 5 support funds provide financial assistance for, among other things, investments in touchless technology, health and safety, digital technology; and for B2C events, conferences, meetings and B2B events. Within these 5 funds, the financial support can help a range of projects: exhibitions, guided tours, theatre performances, concerts, films, tourist attractions, seminars, events, fairs, etc. All these core activities of the tourism, cultural, restaurants and cafes, events sector, etc. are eligible.

The deadline for submitting an application for a project for these various funds is 12 October 2020. To provide further information, is organising digital open discussions, the 'Fondsenspecial,' every Friday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. via MS Teams, via this link. What's more, during these virtual conversations will answer all questions about these special support funds.

In the meantime, everyone can find out what the various support funds cover, for whom they are intended, what the amounts are per fund and project, and under what conditions they are granted, etc. All information can be found at
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